Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Say NO To Wallpaper!!!

Taking down wallpaper - this is what has consumed my days for the past 3 or is it 4 weeks. I can't remember. It was fun at first, but now it is a dreadful chore which I put off until the late afternoon everyday. We started in the kitchen using wallpaper remover and making sure we followed all directions like scoring the paper first and then drenching it with the gel remover. We even tried the fabric softener trick. Well, it has been a nightmare. We have pulled off more sheet rock and paint then we ever thought could happen. Now, we need to work above and around the cabinets and I just don't have the motivation or energy.

But on a lighter note, we decided to move to the living room (just for a change of scenery) and that wallpaper came off so easy without hardly any effort. What gives - what is the difference between the living room wallpaper and kitchen wallpaper??? So we, also, tackled the wallpaper in the back hallway near the laundry room and garage and it, too, comes off with ease. So I got to looking at the walls and realized the kitchen was painted in a different color paint and I'm guessing even a cheap brand. So it's not our technique nor the wallpaper. It is the paint under the wallpaper.

So we will press on with the wallpaper removal one inch at a time. I will try to post pictures soon of our poor kitchen walls which look like a tiger went crazy and tore up the walls.

Just wanted to let all my readers know why I have not posted lately.

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