Monday, December 15, 2008

We did it again!
Well, here it is just a few days before Christmas and we have gone overboard with the kids, again. We always say "Just get them one big thing and give gift certificates!" But we (or at least I do) love to shop and get carried away. I think I will have to start serving lunch to the UPS man any day now as he is a daily visitor to our house. How I love to buy for the "kids" and see the joy on their faces while opening their gifts. Actually, the buying is the fun part - the wrapping takes up a lot of time and I threaten each year to just throw each person's gifts in a black yard size trash bag and attached a big red bow. Sounds easy to me, but not quite as attractive for taking pictures of the tree and the unopened gifts on Christmas morning. Two of our bedrooms have been deemed as warehouses holding the merchandise waiting patiently to be wrapped. But when Christmas is over, the house will be empty - all the gifts will be headed to Enterprise, Auburn and Atlanta. The house will be quiet and once again I will wish for that day when I was stepping over various types of merchandise and wondering if I will get each gift wrapped in time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today I lost my job...

You know, you always wonder what your reaction will be when someone calls you and tells you that you are not needed due to cutbacks. You hear them telling you "it is not performance, it is just a reduction of head count within a failing company." Is this a line that all companies use?!! Well, it hits you harder than you think. All of a sudden you are faced at your middle age with trying to find a new job. You will not be coming into the office everyday and turning on your computer to work. What happens now? How do you adjust? What is that old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks!!"

So after you finally digest the news, you are brave enough to ask who will be doing my job once I am gone. I am the only one who has ever done this job. I have no fill-in when I am out of the office. I have been doing the same thing for 7 years. Then they decide to give it to someone who is already overloaded. This is the way big corporate companies work - overload their employees and make a less productive employee which leads to less profit, therefore creating more of a loss within the company leading to more cutbacks.

What can I say, I am still trying to take it all in. "It could be worse", I tell myself. It will all work out AND I know it will in time, but it is just hard to get my mind & heart to work together right now.

The Lord has led me to the past 3 jobs I have been involved in. He must have something better for me now. I wonder what?

Stay tune....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, April!

Twenty seven years ago, today, God gave me a precious & perfect daughter who has brought joy to every day of my life since the moment she was born. It is hard to believe that 27 years have gone by since that day. As a Mother you never forget each detail of your baby's birth and the moment of exhilaration when you see her face for the first time. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, my baby forever!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missing My Dad

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of a very sad day in my life - Friday, October 8, 2004. It is the day I lost my Dad. It was a very hard decision to release my Dad from his earthly, worn out body and free his spirit to heaven to acquire a forever healthy one. It is a day I will never forget and was in no way prepared for, but are we ever ready to let go of our parents? Praise God my Dad was independent until just a few days before he left this earth. He never had to be put in a nursing home and was still driving. My Dad encountered several health problems the last few years of his life. His kidneys would not work so he became a dialysis patient and endured a lot of pain, bruising and complications from having the shunt put in for his dialysis as well as numerous medical procedures. He had to go 3 days a week, but almost immediately became friends with all the nurses. He was a simple man, but full of charm. My Dad was admitted to the hospital just a few days after a fall in a parking lot. He had already been to the emergency room over the weekend, but they failed to find anything wrong so they sent him home. After a miserable weekend of severe pain, he was admitted to the hospital and that is when the crack in his hip was found. This was on Monday, October 4th. On Tuesday night, he was complaining of extreme heartburn which they gave him medication to relieve. Unfortunately, this was a sign of something more serious and my Dad had a major heart attack in the early morning hours which put him in intensive care on life support. At first I thought, why life support, since my Dad had a living will on file with the hospital. But then I realized it was all a part of God's plan as none of us would had been able to say our goodbyes to my Dad, my children's Papa, and those who knew him as Junior as well as Leland H. McCarty. Also, I realized if my Dad had been home, he would had died immediately because he lived alone. When I first went in that intensive care room, I had to walk out and thought I was going to be sick. It was too much to absorb at one time seeing my independent Dad so dependent on machines and not being able to communicate, or get up and give you a hug or tell one of his jokes. I could see the frustration and fear in his loving blue eyes. My kids have a very special bond with their PaPa which can never be broken. April stayed by his side in ICU almost the entire time. I am the only child and with my parents divorced, it was left up to me as to what to do for my Dad. I recieved support from family members which helped. But it was still hard. How do you decide when to sign a paper to take a precious family member off of life support knowing they will not make it through the night. After about 3 days on life support, the doctor warned me that his body was failing. He could not have dialysis while in his state so this was turing his body fluids into poison. I would stand by my Dad's bedside and hold his hand and talk to him trying to understand what he was wanting me to do from the expressions in his eyes. I knew his body was tired, but his mind was still so sharp. He was smarter than me in so many ways. But finally when I realized he would not ever recover and I knew he did not want to be like he was, I finally signed the paper. I remember what the cold hearted nurse said to me, "You know if they remove life support, he will die!" Yes, I knew this, but did she know that my Dad did not want to be left in this state and he was ready to go to his heavenly home. So we all surrounded his bed as life support was removed. I was on his right side by his head and as his blood pressure slowly dropped, I talked to him the entire time telling him it would be okay and not to be afraid. He looked at me the entire time which was not even a hour. As he was fading, he had the most peaceful look on his face and smiled and then he was gone forever. I thought someone had ripped my heart out. I didn't want him to stay like he was, but I did not want to give him up either. I wanted to go back to the following week when he was fine and I was talking to him on the phone. I remember driving to Chattanooga by myself when he was first placed in ICU and hearing him call for me. He was saying hurry. And all I could do was answer, "I am coming Daddy." The next few days were a blur of memories trying to get everything ready, picking out the music he loved for his service, meeting and greeting so many people who knew my Dad. And if you ever sat next to my Dad and did not know him, you would surely know everything about him and he would know everything about you before you parted to leave. He never met a stranger. I am so glad I am like my Dad in that way. I wish I could be more like him as he loved everyone, never talked about anyone, lived a simple life and enjoyed every day to the fullest. He was so much like Jesus in his later years. I love him so much and can only rest assure as my heart breaks that I will see him again one day. And what will be the first thing my Dad says to me, "This is me, is that you?!!" Love you Daddy!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where do I start?!!!

I have become interested in the world of "blogs" after keeping up with a few people from this area who have a blog. I find it to be more of an expression of who I am then any other resource and a place I can show off my family and what means the most to me. This is just a start and I will try to fill in the blanks over the next few weeks. I feel once I get started, there is no stopping me. Stay tune....