Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Beautiful Family

By accident one day, I came across a blog titled "A Place Called Simplicity" which describes a loving family who has adopted several children the last two being from Africa and one waiting in China. They live a great testimony and you have to read their blog to fully grasp what they are all about. However, on January 14, 2009 they lost their home to a fire and barely escaped with their lives. They are currently living in a hotel. An application has been submitted to ABC's Extreme Home Makeover to rebuild this family a home. Please keep them in your prayers. They need a new home desparately. Thanks so much!!

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Mom Of Many said...

What a utter surprise to sign on to your blog and find a post about us! Unbelievable!

I was stopping by to thank you for joining in the friends at A Place Called Simplicity - and there we are!

Thank you for being so supportive of us - we probably have no idea just how far the love of bloggy friends reaches. We are humbled and amazed!

Love from Colorado,