Monday, December 15, 2008

We did it again!
Well, here it is just a few days before Christmas and we have gone overboard with the kids, again. We always say "Just get them one big thing and give gift certificates!" But we (or at least I do) love to shop and get carried away. I think I will have to start serving lunch to the UPS man any day now as he is a daily visitor to our house. How I love to buy for the "kids" and see the joy on their faces while opening their gifts. Actually, the buying is the fun part - the wrapping takes up a lot of time and I threaten each year to just throw each person's gifts in a black yard size trash bag and attached a big red bow. Sounds easy to me, but not quite as attractive for taking pictures of the tree and the unopened gifts on Christmas morning. Two of our bedrooms have been deemed as warehouses holding the merchandise waiting patiently to be wrapped. But when Christmas is over, the house will be empty - all the gifts will be headed to Enterprise, Auburn and Atlanta. The house will be quiet and once again I will wish for that day when I was stepping over various types of merchandise and wondering if I will get each gift wrapped in time.

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